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Revolutionizing Possibilities with Cold Atmospheric Plasma

glass electrode

Pacem Technology A.S.: Pioneering Advanced Biotechnology Solutions for a Healthier Tomorrow

Cold Atmospheric Plasma and Pacem Tech

At Pacem Technology, we strive to create innovative solutions that are safe, reliable, and sustainable. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, while continuously striving to improve our products through research and development. We believe in creating products that are accessible to everyone and that make a positive impact on our world.


Life Science

Unleashing the Power of Cold Atmospheric Plasma in Life Science: CAP sources and Electrodes


Beauty and skin regeneration

Revitalizing Beauty and Reversing Aging with the Power of Cold Atmospheric Plasma

CAP technology

Medical Tech and Veterinary  

Harnessing the Power of Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Healing and Disinfection in Medicine and Veterinary Care

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Material Scince and Surface Modification

The power of plasma to transform materials. Cold atmospheric plasma can be used to modify the properties of materials in a variety of ways, from cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to improving the performance of electronic devices.


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