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Pacem Cold Plasma Pet

PacemPet: Vetarinery

Common skin condition in pets that can cause inflammation, redness, and itching. Treatment of eczema can be challenging, as conventional treatments such as steroids and antibiotics can have negative side effects and may not always be effective. Cold plasma technology has the potential to provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments, with fewer side effects and improved outcomes.


  • Cold Atmospheric Plasma: The device utilises breakthrough plasma shower technology to apply cold atmospheric plasma to the skin surface.

  • This cold plasma is safe to the touch and non-ablative, meaning it does not cause any pain or discomfort to the user.

  • Portable: The device is designed to be portable, allowing for easy use at home or in beauty salons. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it convenient for users to carry and use it wherever they go.

  • Alternative to use antibiotics and any painkillers: holds promise as both a complement and a potential alternative to antibiotics in treating infections, with significant implications for improving treatment outcomes and combating antibiotic resistance.


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