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PTP 22-01: Pacem Plasma Source for experimental approaches

PTP 22-01: Pacem Plasma Source for experimental approaches


Pacem CAP Source, has been designed as a smart controllable plasma device for use in laboratories and applications. The Dielectic Barrier Discharge and jet technologies are used to generate cold active plasma at a temperature of less than 40°C.

  • Technical Details

    Model PTP 22-01

    Inner Dimens on 280mm x 277mm x 395mm

    Outer Dimens on 384mm x 282mm x 400mm

    Circuit Area 290 mm x 333 mm

    Temperature 25 - 40 °C

    Electrodes DBD, Jet, sDBD

    Operating Voltage 36V/24V/12V

    Input Voltage and Frequency 220V/50-60Hz

    Operating Frequency 1Hz -10kHZ

    Duty Cycle %1 - %100

    Modes Continuous and Pulse

    Duty Period 100 us -Continuous

    High Voltage Scale (RMS) 0-50 kV

    Power 360 Watt (24V )

    Current 0-5 mAv

    Sensors Temperature, Hum d ty and Pressure

    Certificate on CE

    Working Time with Screen, Frequency

    Control Duty Time, Mode Select on Air Flow

    Touch Screen 7"

    App Desktop Application

    Button 1 Control, 1 Emergency Shutdown

    Outputs 2 H gh Voltage, 2 Earth

    Database Cloud Database and User Exper ence

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